The Suns’ Deandre Ayton Missed A COVID Test In The NBA Bubble And Chaos Ensued

If you were one of our cherished viewers of Awesemo’s Live Before Lock show, you may have seen how young Suns star Deandre Ayton affected today’s NBA DFS slate. There were rumors, but no confirmed reports, that Ayton might be unavailable for today’s game mere moments before NBA DFS slates locked and games tipped off. And now we know the details, courtesy of Shams Charania:

Ayton is reportedly currently in the act of hustling his way over to the game with a chance of playing today:

The Suns need every win they can to get into the play-in games for the Western Conference’s final playoff seeds so it’s possible that Ayton goes from playing to not playing to actually getting into a game all within a 15 minute window. It’s the roller coaster of emotions that can only come from end of season NBA basketball.

And this is also something of a preview of what we can expect with sports moving forward. We’ve seen MLB games scrapped, college football may not even happen, the NFL is largely shaping up for more of the same. The NBA has been the most buttoned up with its process and situations like this can still happen. It’s a nightmare for bettors and DFS players but one that you can only survive if you’re aware of it, much like the virus itself.

The real question that looms: How do you miss a COVID test when you’re quite literally trapped inside a location with nothing to do besides adhere to the strict schedule they keep you on? The mystery of Deandre Ayton is one that some amateur Encyclopedia Brown will need to get to the bottom of. The Case of the Missing Alarm Clock? The Tale Of The Tempting Blunt Behind The Medical Facility? The Groupie Who No One Else Saw? We may never know but the public deserves answers, Deandre.

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