Terry Francona Had A Perfect Message For Notoriously Awful MLB Umpire Angel Hernandez

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez has had a long run of being heavily known for his awful calls during a ballgame. Well, sure enough, Hernandez was at it again during the Indians-Royals series.

A couple of nights ago, Angel Hernandez admitted that he was forced to ‘guess’ whether a ball was caught or not because the scoreboard was distracting him.


The next night, Hernandez was behind the plate (which is always a treat) and made sure to screw up over there, too. This time, the Royals were the victims.

Angel first called a hit-by-pitch in the 6th inning, and it didn’t appear that the ball made contact with the hitter. Later in the same inning, Hernandez issued a balk against the Royals, and manager Mike Matheny went nuts.

During the series, Indians manager Terry Francona actually told Angel Hernandez what everyone is thinking when watching him on a nightly basis.

“I just kind of told Angel, ‘Why’s it always happening when you’re here?'”

Great question, Terry. I don’t know…probably because the guy just simply isn’t very good at his job. The MLB should really do something about Angel Hernandez, it’s getting out of hand.

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