ESPY’s Crowd Seemed to Weirdly Enjoy Steph Curry’s LeBron Joke

The 2022 ESPY Awards kicked off with a bang last night, and people were ready for a good chuckle.

Curry immediately began the night with a joke about his longtime buddy, Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James.

“I’m the second NBA player to host this award show, which is kind of crazy to think about,” Curry said to the crowd at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

“LeBron James, he hosted this award show back in 2007, after losing in the NBA Finals,” he continued before taking a sip of his drink. “So yes, you guessed it, this feels better, this feels better.”

Watch below:

Not sure that was even a joke, but the crowd sure found it funny.

James and Curry have faced off plenty of times on the court. Curry’s Golden State Warriors topped James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in three out of their four NBA Finals matchups, though the Cavs returned from a 1-3 deficit to win the 2016 NBA title against the team. People clearly love to hear LeBron slander..

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