Stephen A. Smith Goes Scorched Earth on ‘Delusional’ Kyrie Irving

Stephen A. Smith is all about sharing his feelings.

It’s been revealed that Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets had hit a series “impasse” in their contract talks. This is a situation that many were anticipating as Kyrie wants to get as much guaranteed money as possible, while the Nets would rather go with a short deal because they can’t count on Kyrie to behave long term. Kyrie has proven to be pretty unreliable and you can’t blame the Nets for wanting nothing to do with him as they try to build their future.


This news broke in the middle of First Take this morning, and Stephen A. Smith went nuts.

“This is a guy who missed 127 games over the last three seasons and he thinks he deserves a four-year extension on top of the $36 million he’s expected to make this upcoming season,” Smith began. “I mean what nerve. What gall?”

Twitter weighed in on SAS’s latest Kyrie take:

Like he always does, Smith acknowledged that Kyrie is a great player who is amazing whenever he stepped on the court but it’s all the drama that isn’t worth it.

Stephen A. Smith lives for this stuff.

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