WATCH: Italian Kart Racer Luca Corberi Throws Bumper at Rival During FIA Karting World Championships

Italian kart racer Luca Corberi went a bit off the rails after being disqualified from the FIA World Karting Championships. All of you kart racing fans out there have probably already seen, but here’s stunning video of Corberi lurking on the side of the track with a bumper in hand and promptly throwing it at a rival:

Now, let’s make one thing clear Mr. Luca Corberi. The only things you are allowed to throw at drivers during kart racing are banana peels and shells (red, green, and blue varieties all viable). Everything else is absolutely off limits.


Luca wasn’t done there as he confronted his rival driver, Paulo Ippolito, after the race.

This karting rampage has likely cost Luca Corberi his career as a karter. He apologized for his actions and vowed to never race again. The incident was sparked after Corberi crashed out on the ninth lap.

Luca Corberi issued the following statement,

“I’d like to apologize to the motorsport community for what I’ve done,” Corberi wrote in a Facebook post published on Monday. “There are no excuses to explain why I’ve done such a disgraceful act. This has been something I’ve never done in my 15 years of career, and I really hope it won’t be seen by anybody else in the future.”

This sounds like the work of a karter who just lightninged his friend while attempting to make the jump at Wario Stadium, but what Corberi did seems equally unforgivable.

This serves as a reminder to all you karters out there, please don’t throw bumpers on the track.

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