Browns Coach Kevin Stefanski Gives Timeline on Baker Mayfield Situation

Baker Mayfield is still a Cleveland Browns player today.

Baker remained on the Cleveland Browns’ roster 10 days after the team traded for Deshaun Watson. Nevertheless, the Browns still have every intention of getting him off the team. Browns head Coach Kevin Stefanski said during a media availability at the league’s annual meeting that they hope to resolve the matter soon.

“I think everyone understands the situation, and we’re hoping that it is resolved soon,” Stefanski said.

Mayfield is guaranteed his full base salary of $18.858 million in 2022, a factor that is likely complicating trade efforts.

“It’s a unique situation,” Stefanski said. “We’ve got to see how it plays out. I think of all of us would love an answer yesterday, but that’s not the reality of it.”

Stefanski spoke about the possibility that Brissett will need to start for part of the season if Watson is suspended by the NFL after an investigation into allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

“That’s something we’ve spoken about,” Stefanski said. “Until we know that final answer — we’re speaking in hypotheticals right now — but we’ve got to be ready whenever a decision is made, potentially to go with Jacoby, or not. So we’ll wait and see what the league has.”

Sounds like the market for Baker isn’t great, add the guaranteed salary into the mix, and the Browns might just eventually have to release him.

Hopefully sooner than later.

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