Steelers Player Gets Called Out For Cheating on his Girlfriend

Players nowadays have a lot to deal with when it comes to hiding relationships.  In the golden age of social media, this is no easy task.  For example, there’s a girl who keeps posting about how she was dating a Pittsburgh Steelers player, and all the while, he was apparently dating someone else.  In fact he had a girlfriend, while she was the side chick the entire time, but didn’t even know it.

She went on IG and TikTok to explain her situation.

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Get in Some Sideaction:

Watch below:

She also showed some receipts on her Tik Tok below:

@jenniferwoodward70Yeah🤠 I destroyed his life all in one day and I’ll do it again ##OPIObsessed ##fyp ##ReadySetShop ##nfl ##nfl2020♬ original sound – Jeromey White

@jenniferwoodward70Reply to @jkc0826 ##greenscreen here u guys go!!♬ original sound – Jennifer Woodward

@jenniferwoodward70Reply to @jkc0826 ##greenscreen does this settle it♬ original sound – Jennifer Woodward

Well there you have it, she discovered she was one of ten side chicks.  And we can imagine each one of them felt like they were probably 1 0f 1. That Steelers player needs one more girl and he can field an entire team, at least offense.

Check out more of the girl making the accusations below:

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