Fight Broke Out in the Batting Cages at Wrigleyville Bar

The baseball season is well underway, and fans have returned to support their teams in droves. Now that fans have returned to the ballparks around the country, that can only mean one thing, fights breaking out. We showed you earlier this week the disgusting fan behavior at Wrigley. There were fans fighting, and puking in the streets.

Now we have another fight in Wrigleyville.

This fisticuffs took place at Sluggers, which is right around the corner from Wrigley Field. The bar has always been a place to get in some cuts, they have a batting cage on the second floor. Looks like some folks got into while swinging away.

Watch below:

Twitter reacted to the brawl:


People are so happy to be out and about.

All the fighting most likely a result of being locked up in quarantine for a year. And major amounts of alcohol.

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