Professional Athletes Are Turning to a Navy Seal for Some Secret Health Boosts

Sean Matson is a decorated retired Navy SEAL who served for 13 years and did 3 tours of Iraq. Today, he is focused on creating products that are helping not only those in the military but in the sports world. Just this month, Matson launched CardoMax (, an energy intensifier, immune booster and recovery accelerant that is easy to take, with previous fans like the LA Lakers, Boston Red Sox and energetic actors like Jeremy Piven lending their support to him.

1. As a former D1 athlete and US Navy SEAL, how important is fitness and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle to you?


It’s one of my 3 main pillars in life. The other two are my family and my work. When I am gone, I want to be remembered for the love of my family, my work accomplishments and my fitness achievements. In a few months, I’ll be attempting to break the 1 mile world record, while wearing an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Bomb suit, and so far my training is going great in the new year. Ultimately, I strive to be consistent at working out and eating healthier.


2. Did you play any types of sports while in the military or while overseas to pass the time for fun?


YES! We have a game called speedball, which is a mix of ultimate frisbee and touch football.  It’s fast paced and a fun way to compete during work.


3. Your previous company Strike Force had teams like the LA Lakers and Boston Red Sox using your products… how did it feel to have professional athletes start giving you great testimonials?


It obviously helps validate your company and mission. It is a huge compliment that elite athletes trusted me before trying the product but then after they felt the benefits, they trusted the product and our company.  I look forward to building more of these relationships in the future.


4. You just launched CardoMax. How can athletes use your new product to push them ahead?


The Energy Intensifier is the perfect enhancement to boost an athletes’ energy before a workout or just throughout the day. It is caffeine, BCAAs and B Vitamins.


The Immune Booster uses natural flavoring and the active ingredients are known Adaptogens. Adaptogens are non-toxic plants which help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological. With additional clean ingredients, the Immune Booster will also help increase endurance and blood flow. Plenty of athletes want to lower their levels of stress and increase endurance.


The Recovery Accelerant is a slightly larger packet, that is chalk full of all the good stuff like BCAAs, Creatine, Citicoline and other ingredients promoting good health and muscle recovery. The dosages of Creatine & Citiocline have been shown to support brain function and help people with mild TBI. So any athlete that is looking to get into recovery quicker and or is in a sport where they get hit in the head, will benefit from this product.


Ultimately because Cardomax products are liquid concentrate, they can be added to 20oz of any type of beverage which promotes hydration and allows the supplements to absorb quicker.


5. Was it hard during COVID to launch a new product, or it’s just like clock work for you now given your prior experience?


We had some setbacks because of production timelines, but with or without COVID, those setbacks can happen..


6. What advice can you give others in the military, school athletes and others who want to pursue a career in business after their service or sports career?


Take what you learn in the service and apply it to business. So many things directly translate from training, missions and preparation to succeed that can be directly applied to business development.


7. As a swimmer yourself, do you think your new product would help give you an edge over Michael Phelps?


Haha! The only way I would have an edge on Phelps is if I had his talent.

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