Kevin Durant Trade: NBA Insider Provides Update On Potential Offseason Move

Where will Kevin Durant land this offseason?

Well, for now the Nets seem to be intent on keeping Durant around unless a deal comes across their table that’s too good to pass up. But in response, Durant has doubled-down on his request of a trade earlier in the offseason.

Now, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is reporting that KD is still adamant about a move if things don’t drastically change inside the Nets organization.

“They want him [Durant] to consider coming back. Durant has very clearly made it known that he doesn’t want to play for the Nets under the current situation,” Windhorst said earlier today.

Earlier in the week, reports were circulating that Kevin Durant was considering retirement if he was not traded by the Nets. But he quickly took to Twitter to shut down that noise.

“I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me but if it’s anyone out there that’ll listen, I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon. Shit is comical at this point,” Durant said on Twitter.

Last season, Kevin Durant was forced to be a one man show in Brooklyn.

Being as Kyrie Irving was not allowed to play most of the season due to his unvaccinated status, and Ben Simmons refused to take the court, it was pretty much KD or bust for most games.

He averaged 29.9 ppg to go along with 7.4 rebounds and 6.4 assists.

It’s hard to really blame Kevin Durant for wanting to get out of Brooklyn after the tumultuous season he was forced to go through last season. But for now, it doesn’t appear that any move is imminent.

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