Pee Wee Football Coach Punches Player In The Head Twice In A Disturbing Video

This video is one of the most disgusted things I have seen in a very long time. A pee wee football coach in Georgia is filmed striking one of his players twice, as nobody intervenes. Check it out for yourself.

The coach reportedly was a working for the 9U Savannah Gators. Which means, this poor kid was only 9-years old.


The Savannah Gators posted this response to the video.

“Please keep the negative comments off this page please this organization has great coaches we understand what we all saw yesterday was disturbing to us all but let’s not blame everyone for one mans actions the organization is not at Nationals we have only 2 agre groups at Nationals 7U & 9U with only those coaches of those age groups which the guy in the video is our 9U head coach he is a good guy that just took it a little too far on a 9U player we understand and we are aware of what’s going on and will like to apologize to the #BigPeachConference and the #AYF on the behalf of the #SavannahGators organization we will get to the bottom of what happened at Nationals thanks and have a bless day everyone,” the post says.

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Not only is the grammar in that statement abysmal, but the statement itself is concerning. This isn’t a good guy that took it too far, this is a bad man who should not be allowed to coach children. He should probably be charged with assault.

As someone who played pee wee football, I can attest that it is a great way to learn the game of football. What makes it not fun, is when grown men take the whole thing way too seriously. This man had a chance to influence the lives of children in a positive way, and he failed miserably.

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