Draymond Green Makes Honest Admission About Warriors Dynasty Without Kevin Durant

Draymond Green keeping it real.

The Golden State Warriors star recently went on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man And The Three” podcast where they discussed the infamous KD Warriors. As Green explained, had it not been for KD, they would not have won those championships in 2017 and 2018. Green feels as though the Warriors needed KD at the time and that teams were figuring them out.

“I don’t think the outside world gave Kevin enough credit,” Green said. “I think if you came within our organization, Kevin was given all the credit. But the reality is I don’t think that teams win another championship if Kevin doesn’t come. Now you may say, ‘Ah, yeah, but y’all won the fourth one without Kevin.’ But there’s a gap in there where teams started to figure us out…We would not have beat the Cavs comin’ back around without Kevin.”

This is definitely going to make Durant pleased, but he already probably feels this way anyways. After 2016, the Warriors were begging Dureant to come to the Bay, and in the end, his addition to the team helped turn the Warriors into a dynasty.

Still doesn’t take away the fact that Durant was ring chasing.

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