Joey Gallo’s Comments On Failed Yankees Tenure Go Viral After Dodgers Trade: ‘Feel Like A Piece Of S-t’

The Joey Gallo experiment was a colossal failure for the Yankees, but luckily for both parties, it’s now over.

Just ahead of the Trade Deadline today, it was announced that the Dodgers were taking a flier on the struggling Gallo — sending a double-a pitcher to the Bronx for his services.

Recently, Joey Gallo opened up on the toll his Yankees struggles were taking on him. And looking at his remarks, it’s hard not to feel for the guy.

In a Q&A session with’s Randy Miller, Gallo admitted that he “feel like a piece of s-t” for the way he’s performed in pinstripes.

“I remember playing here with the Rangers watching guys get booed off the field and thinking. ‘Holy s**t! I feel bad for that guy.'” Gallo said. “Now it’s me. I do appreciate people reaching out, but it makes me feel like I’m a problem.”

Joey Gallo was never a high average hitter, but his power numbers have always made up for his lack of on-base prowess — until he arrived in New York. He’s currently batting just .159 with well over 100 strikeouts on the season.

The yankees made it clear that they were finally moving on after acquiring outfielder Andrew Benintendi last week.

“I went through a lot of adversity and I really had to question myself a lot,” Gallo said. “My confidence suffered. I would say I hit rock bottom for the big leagues.”

It’s safe to say that Joey Gallo is fully ready for a change of scenery.

“Yeah, I think feel like people are a little sick of me here, so I don’t really know what else I can do at this point here,” he said. “I haven’t played well, so I think it’ll help me to move on.”

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