Weatherman Trolls the Dallas Cowboys During Weather Report

The Cowboys are known as America’s team.

But maybe they should be known as the team America likes to troll? WTOK-TV weatherman Ethan Bird saw an opportunity and he took it, the Mississippi weatherman trolled the Dallas Cowboys during his weather report where the temperatures are going to peak in the 90s. Of course we know the Cowboys haven’t won in a long time, and the 90’s were definitely their decade.

“Now we look at our 10 day forecast. It’s looking a little bit like those Dallas Cowboys, peaking in the 90s.”

Watch below:

The clip has over 3 million views, which proves people love hating on Dem Boys. There are definitely more Cowboys haters across the country than actual fans.

Props to Ethan Bird for seeing an opportunity to use his weather report to entertain the masses.

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