Potential Timetable For A Ben Simmons Return Has Been Revealed

Playoffs are right around the corner, and we have still yet to see Ben Simmons on the court.

After being traded from Philly to Brooklyn in the James Harden deal, many fans were under the assumption he’d take the court sooner rather than later. But citing mental health issues as well as a nagging back injury, Simmons remains sidelined, with no word on when (or if) he might return this season.

But during a recent appearance, NBA insider Shams Charania revealed that the Nets’ hope is that they’ll get Ben Simmons back by the postseason.

“Ben Simmons has resumed light on-court workouts, sources tell me. The hope remains he’ll be able to ramp up for a potential return in time for the playoffs,” Charania said. “The Nets and Simmons have worked together on managing his back issues, which flared up when he was previously aiming for a mid-March return.”

About two weeks ago, Nets coach Steve Nash revealed that Ben Simmons had a herniated disk in his back that required an epidural.

“The biggest thing we’ve tried to do is to have him be involved in everything,” Nash said at the time to ESPN. “The traveling is the one caveat where sometimes you’re weighing the cost-benefit of him on airplanes and buses and different beds. When he’s with us we want him in every meeting, in every walkthrough, in every film session, whatever it may be so he’s around the group. We’d love for him to travel, be with the team all the time, but we have to weigh that scenario as well.”

It appears that Steve Nash and Nets fans have the ‘hope’ that Ben Simmons can return to give the team a boost defensively in the postseason. But perhaps the ball remains in Simmons’ court.

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