Usain Bolt Says Cristiano Ronaldo Would Beat Him In A Race

Usain Bolt is not as confident in his running ability as he once was. In fact, Bolt doesn’t even think he could beat Juventus soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo in a race nowadays.

Over the weekend, the eight-time gold medalist responded to an interviewer asking point blank who would win between him and Ronaldo in a race right now. Here was his answer.

“For sure Cristiano Ronaldo,” Usain Bolt says via TMZ. “For me, he works out every day. He’s a super athlete, you know what I mean?”
“He’s always on top of his game. He works hard, he’s focused. So right now, I definitely think he’s faster than me.”


For what it’s worth, I think Usain Bolt is just being humble here. I think Bolt would blow out Ronaldo in a race, even today. At 35, Ronaldo is actually one year old than Bolt.

Sure, Ronaldo remains in training with Juventus, but come on. Usain Bolt has set records, and has previously been clocked at top speeds of over 27 MPH. No chance Ronaldo can come anywhere near that. Even at 50%, I think Usain Bolt blows out Cristiano Ronaldo in a race.

Maybe they can set something up. Give me a Ronaldo vs. Bolt race for charity. If Ronaldo wins, I’ll eat my words.

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