Brian Burns Speaks On The “Dirty” Mac Jones Play From Last Week

Carolina Panthers defensive end Brian Burns was injured last week after it appeared Patriots quarterback Mac Jones grabbed his ankle during an attempted fumble recovery.

When being called out by Panthers players for the “dirty” act, Jones said he was under the impression that Burns had the football, and he was trying to tackle the large defender.


During his media availability this week, Brian Burns called the Mac Jones play complete ‘bulls-t’, saying that even if Jones thought he had the ball it would have been a dirty play.

Brian Burns would go on to say that he hopes his fellow pass-rushers get some revenge for him the next time the Panthers face off against Mac Jones and the Patriots.

The Panthers aren’t scheduled to face Mac Jones’ Patriots again this season. And given Carolina’s place in the standings, it’ll likely not be until next year when Brian Burns can get some revenge.

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