WFT Cheerleader Says Dan Snyder Leaked The Jon Gruden Emails

Did Dan Snyder have something to do with the recent email leak?

Jon Gruden and the Washington Football Team have both fallen victim to the email leak from the NFL that has outed some disturbing rhetoric.


But apparently the two leaks go hand-in-hand.

According to former Washington Football Team cheerleader Melanie Coburn, longtime team owner Dan Snyder was the guy who leaked out Jon Gruden’s emails.

“I believe Dan Snyder leaked these emails,” Coburn told Fox News. “I believe he’s trying to put all the blame on Bruce Allen. He sent over a dozen private investigators to my colleagues’ homes across the country … to show up on cheerleaders’ doorstops and ask them what their relationship with Bruce Allen was.”

She thinks Snyder acted in order to pin the emails chain on former team president Bruce Allen, which ‘just isn’t true’.

“I feel like he’s trying to pin everything on Bruce, right, and place all the blame for all of the bad culture on him, which just isn’t true,” she said.

Coburn would go on to say that she’s hoping the leaks and accountability aren’t done, because she believes that we’re only scratching the surface of a whole chain of emails that contain information that would take people in positions of power down.


“We know that that is a very, very small fraction of the 650,000 emails that we know they have access to,” she told Fox News of the leaked emails initially reported by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. “These emails were also a result of the investigation that we participated in — over 150 of us former employees of the Washington Football Team. Countless hours, lots of trauma relived, lots of emotions and anxiety and yet the only person to take fall for these terrible wrongdoings was a coach of another team.”

WFT attorneys sent out a statement denying the claims from Melanie Coburn, but I’d be shocked if there’s not a deeper issue here that would put Dan Snyder in jeopardy of losing his team.

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