Wisconsin Was So Excited After Winning The Duke’s Mayo Bowl That They Shattered The Trophy In The Locker Room

The Wisconsin Badgers were having the time of their lives after defeating Wake Forest in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. Their celebration got so out of hand that they shattered the trophy in the locker room after the game.

It looked like Wisconsin was having a fun little dance party until quarterback Graham Mertz dropped the trophy, and let the damn thing break. Mertz had some fun with his gaffe on social media.

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Luckily, Mertz had an answer for the broken trophy, just put a bottle of Duke’s Mayonnaise on there and everything will be fine. Honestly, that trophy looks more fitting for winning the Mayo Bowl against Wake Forest anyways.

The Badgers went down 14-0 early, but rebounded to rout Wake Forest by a score of 42-28. With the win, Wisconsin finishes their season at a mediocre 4-3, and can look forward to 2021, when they’ll hopefully get to play in more than seven games.

Graham Mertz finished the game 11/17 for 130 yards and a touchdown. Mertz is just a freshman, and hopes to have plenty of opportunities to dance with trophies in the future. Next time, let’s just hope that he can protect the trophy as well as he protects the football.

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