Twitter After Dark: With LeBron Sidelined By Groin Soreness, Quinn Cook Is Not Any Answer But The Wrong One (But We Knew That)

A common theme of Twitter After Dark up to this point has been a player or coach doing their job in a God-forsakenly awful fashion en route to a seismic bashing on the ol’ Twitter Machine.

And Thursday evening was no different!

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The Los Angeles Laker faithful in all their Twitter factions boiled to the surface to wreak havoc on late Thursday evening to commemorate potentially some of the worst 29 minutes of basketball logged since Shawn Bradley.

Quinn Cook wasn’t expected to be a seamless fill-in to LeBron James’s typical workload or production, but posting an abysmal 6 PTS, 4 AST, 2 REB, and 2 TO over nearly 30 minutes registered in the Lakers’ 113-97 loss to Houston wasn’t the most ideal of contributions.

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The fourth-year point guard played a brief stint on the Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans in 2016-17 before landing a moderate role on the bench in Golden State, where he won (and lost) an NBA title. Yet while averaging as many as 22.4 minutes in a given season, Cook was never a 10+ point scorer on average (9.5 PPG being his highest).

So, perhaps Laker Nation should ease up on the guy who is a much more consistently supportive teammate on the sidelines than he has ever demonstrated on the court (no offense to Mr. Cook). And this is coming from a fellow Laker fan.

And on that note, if anyone is investing any measurable amount of hope in Quinn Cook to ever be the feasible savior in absence of LeBron, you may have need for further evaluation of the psychiatric nature.

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