Social Media Trashes Nate Robinson After Jake Paul Kicked His A**

Former NBA guard Nate Robinson decided to add his name to the Tyson-Jones Jr. card last night, taking on internet star Jake Paul. It did not go well for Robinson. He was constantly under attack until Jake Paul finally made him go night night.

Social media did its thing after Nate Robinson nearly died in the ring.

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Yeah, Nate Robinson is going to be taking smack for a long time now. I don’t think Jake Paul is going to let people forget about this any time soon.

Luckily, Robinson seems to be ok after the scary knockout. In Nate Robinson’s defense, Jake Paul is someone who actually want to be a boxer. Nate is a small basketball player. It took guts for him to step into the ring, even if he looked awful in there.

Maybe one fight was enough for Nate Robinson, he should probably hang up the gloves. There are a lot tougher men than Jake Paul in the sport of boxing, and nobody wants to see Nate get hurt.

I’m all for Nate Robinson trying his hand in something else.

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