Russell Westbrook Speaks Out Following Popcorn Incident With Fan

NBA fans are back, and they’re trolling harder than ever. Russell Westbrook was heading off the court due to an ankle injury on Wednesday evening’s Game 2 match-up against the 76ers, a fan did something pretty uncool. As Westbrook made his way through the tunnel, a fan took the opportunity to dump their bag of popcorn over Westbrook. Russell lost his cool, rightfully so, as several staffers and guards had to hold him back.


The fan was then ejected by security just moments later.

Watch below:

Westbrook spoke on the incident.

The Wells Fargo center made a statement:

There’s clearly a line, and fans can cross it. If they do, they should never be allowed to an NBA game ever again.

You have to let these fools know they’re not untouchable.

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