Russell Westbrook Gets Brutally Honest After Triple-Double Record

Russell Westbrook is a once in a generation type player. At least from a statistical perspective. After a slow start to the season, he’s on fire, and recently broke a longstanding NBA record in the Washington Wizards’ 146-143 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Russ topped Wilt Chamberlain’s record for triple-doubles in a single month, which has stood since 1968.

Chamberlain set the record with 11, but now Westbrook has 12.


Westbrook isn’t feeling the love, though. He feels like his triple-doubles aren’t being respected, and that his talent is being taken for granted by fans and the media. How do we know he feels that way?

“I honestly believe there is no player like myself and if people want to take it for granted, sorry for them,” Westbrook said via NBC Sports. “I’m pretty sure if everybody could do it, they would do it. I honestly make sure I impact the game in many ways every night; defending, rebounding, passing, assisting, whatever it is my team needs from me to be able to win. That’s what I do. I really don’t, honestly, I don’t care what people think about it.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks of this whatever they want to call it ‘stat-padding’ or ‘not useful.’ I think it’s very interesting that it’s not useful when I’m doing it. It wasn’t useful when Magic [Johnson] and Oscar [Robertson] and those guys were doing it. Now that I do it and it looks easy, this s*** ain’t easy, though. I’ll tell you that. It ain’t easy.

“I take a lot of pride in my preparation. I take a lot of pride in taking care of my body. I take a lot of pride in competing every night. I don’t take nights off, I don’t cheat the game. So with that, I’m OK with the results of going out and competing, and if it’s a triple-double, then, s***, why not? That’s my motto, why not. Continue to keep going.”


Most fans care about winning, and as long as Russ is winning meaninful games, his triple doubles become meaningful.  No one cares about stats when you’re not competing for championships.

If Russ can end up winning a few NBA chips, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest to ever lace em up.

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