Report: Los Angeles Lakers Restart Russell Westbrook Trade Talks

Looks like the Russell Westbrook trade talks have resumed.

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers have not been very good over the past couple of years.  From the jump it just never felt like it was a good fit. Over the last few months, the Lakers have reportedly done everything they can to accommodate him. Unfortunately the Russell Westbrook struggles have continued, and it has left the Lakers with few other choices. Prior to the start of the season, it seemed like a Westbrook trade was imminent, especially with teams like the Indiana Pacers trying to off-load some contracts.

A trade never happened and now, it is being reported by The Ringer that the Lakers are now back to negotiating with a couple of teams.

“ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that a trade involving Westbrook isn’t likely until after Thanksgiving. That’s around the same time that Dennis Schröder, who at this point is undoubtedly a better point guard than Westbrook, could return from his thumb surgery.

When that time comes, Los Angeles will explore trade combinations with the Pacers that involve center Myles Turner and/or wing Buddy Hield. Those talks are currently on hold, but Turner and Hield would both add much-needed shooting, and Turner would provide rim-protection depth behind the oft-injured Davis.”

Those two teams are the Pacers and the Utah Jazz. Interestingly enough, the Jazz seem to be on a reset, but they have started the season 3-0 thanks to some incredible team basketball. It feels like the Jazz may actually compete this year, which may be a good reason not to bring in Westbrook.

Perhaps trading for Russell Westbrook will give this team the roster to actually start tanking. In the first three games of the season, Russ has averaged just 10.3 PPG, 6.7 RPG, and 4.3 APG. On top of that, Russ has shot just 28.9% from the field, including a shocking 8.9% from the three-point line.

Russell needs a new home that much is for sure.

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