Patrick Mahomes Got Tired Of Spoiling His High School Sweetheart And Their Dog, So He Bought A Stake In The Kansas City Royals

That’s right. Patrick Mahomes, the highest-paid player in NFL history, is only 24. And now that he owns a piece of the Royals’ crown, Mahomes is officially the king of Kansas City. He spent a lot of time in baseball clubhouses as a kid since his father (Pat Mahomes) pitched in the MLB for 11 seasons. Mahomes also played baseball for the first two years of his college career at Texas Tech. He definitely has a love for the game of baseball despite being a half-billion-dollar quarterback. And now he has a stake in an MLB franchise.

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I think we were all wondering what Mahomes’ first big purchase would be on his new 10-year deal. I really didn’t know what to expect from Mahomes. He doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to go out and buy a new Lambo or a house for his brother, but I can’t say I saw this one coming. Clearly he got tired of spoiling his girlfriend Brittany and their dog Silver and decided it was time to make a big-boy purchase. But it’s more than just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment. The Kansas City Royals are valued at just over $1 billion, according to Forbes. It’s not clear how big of a stake Mahomes purchased at this time, but with his bag, it could be a pretty significant share.

Mahomes has a pretty long list of accolades for a 24-year-old. First-round draft pick in the NFL, Superbowl Champ and MVP, the largest contract in NFL history and now he’s a part-owner in the MLB to boot. He’s that guy that makes me feel like I’m a failure at 26, nearly two years older than Mahomes. However, at least I root for the Chiefs and not the Bears. I would be in agony were I a Bears fan. I must say, the Mitch/Mahomes comparison is pretty unfair. Deshaun Watson is the guy the Bears are foolish for not drafting. Everybody knew Mahomes had a rocket arm, but you’re lying if you claim to have foreseen this level of success.

In 2031 the Mahomes contract is either going to look like a huge mistake or an absolute steal. As a Chiefs fan, I’m hoping for the latter.

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