Paulina Gretzky Killing the Game From the Bahamas

Paulina Gretzky is crushing it from the Bahamas.

Paulina Gretzky is always very serious about what, and when she drops her content on Social Media. She’s never been one to post daily, and when she posts something, she makes sure it’s absolute fire. Paulina’s latest doesn’t disappoint. The Great One’s daughter dropped a quick video while on vacation with her new husband and longtime significant other Dustin Johnson. This is why she’s great at Social Media.

Watch Paulina’s latest below:

Paulina has been doing this for a very long time, and she’s maintained her relevancy even with an influx of influencers who overshare on Social Media. Of course it doesn’t hurt that her last name is Gretzky, and she’s married to PGA star Dustin Johnson. But ultimately it’s how she presents herself that makes her so appealing.

And why she’s stood the test of time.

Check out more of Paulina’s body of work below:

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