Pat McAfee Responds To Criticism That He’s Too Easy On Aaron Rodgers

It’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t like the mainstream media. But every week, Rodgers joins “The Pat McAfee Show” for an appearance – which is usually where he gives his news-worthy soundbites.

This year, pretty much all over those soundbites have consisted of Rodgers boating his anti-vaxx rhetoric. He’s called out the NFL for their rules against the unvaccinated. And just this week, the Packers QB openly questioned why the United States hasn’t used Ivermectin tablets to treat COVID when it’s working in other countries.

Journalists were quick to slam Aaron Rodgers over his logic.

Some media members took it a step farther, and blamed Pat McAfee for not putting Aaron Rodgers to the fire when he makes these bold claims.

During his show, Pat McAfee responded to Nancy Armour’s criticism for how he handles Aaron Rodgers. The former punter explained that his show isn’t really about putting athletes in tough situations. But rather a lighthearted experience where athletes have a platform to speak their minds uncontested.

He would use his treatment of Charles Barkley, who has become a heavy advocate for the vaccine, as an example of how he treats people from both ends of the political spectrum exactly the same.

Whether you agree with Aaron Rodgers or not, I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s not to blame for allowing Aaron Rodgers to spread misinformation.

McAfee’s show isn’t ESPN, or CNN, or Fox, or any other news station. His job is solely to entertain his viewers. And so far, he’s done a pretty good job of that.

It was announced earlier in the month that The Pat McAfee Show had inked a $30 Million contract with Fanduel, and he was set to give a good amount of the portions to charity.

Expect more of Aaron Rodgers’ wild statements to continue as the show keeps growing.

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