Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard Says He Used Cartoon Tom And Jerry As Motivation To KO Sparring Partners

It’s no secret that legendary boxer Mike Tyson loves his cartoons.

So much so, that he created his own Mike Tyson Mysteries series on Adult Swim following his retirement.

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But even as he was dominating the sport of boxing, cartoons were often at the front of his mind. According to one of Tyson’s old bodyguards, the champ would knock out his sparring partners as fast as possible so he could make it home in time to watch “Tom and Jerry”.

“He would be the nicest guy beforehand asking the sparring partners, ‘How you doing today, how’s the family?’ Then he would just knock out five guys all out so within an hour so there was nobody left,” former bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez said During a recent conversation with The Sun.

When Gonzalez would ask Mike Tyson what he was gaining from knocking out his practice partners so early, the boxer admitted that he was just trying to get back to watch some cartoons. “If I keep it going, we will miss Tom and Jerry cartoons,” Tyson replied.

This isn’t the first time Rudy Gonzalez has spoken out on behalf of Mike Tyson. The bodyguard also has a book, in which he blames promoter Don King for a lot of the troubles Tyson dealt with throughout his life.

“Mike’s story would have had a different ending if Cus had lived longer,” he said. “His sister Denise always made me promise to keep Mike away from Don, calling him a clown.”

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