Here’s the Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski T-Mobile Commercial That Will Not Air on Super Bowl Sunday

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in an ad, what could go wrong? Super Bowl Sunday is so close we can smell it. For those who love football, you have the game. For those who don’t understand football at all, you have the commercials and the halftime show. These days commercials usually get uploaded to Youtube prior to the big game, so like in year’s past, there won’t be too many surprises come game day.

Here’s one commercial you definitely won’t be seeing Super Bowl Sunday.

T-Mobile dropped this gem:

“I got one word for you: retirement,” Gronkowski says. “If you retire now, you’re gonna be walking on soft sand in a week. Just come to Florida and feel the wind in your hair. Retirement is like winning another one. Maybe I’ll even join you.”

“If you retire now … you’re soft and weak,” is what it sounded like Gronkowski said. “Just come to Florida and win another one. Maybe I’ll even join you.”

Sideaction’s Latest:

Twitter reacted:

Tom + Gronk = Viral gold.

Well played T-Mobile.

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