Pat McAfee Calls Out Patrick Mahomes’ Family Distractions

Now that Patrick Mahomes offseason has begun, what will he do differently next season.

Namely what will he do about his distractions.

Pat McAfee thinks Patrick Mahomes needs to minimize his distractions, which include his fiancée and brother.

In the latest episode, he did not hold back when offering his thoughts on the possible Patrick Mahomes distractions:

“I wonder if we will see the same tag team duo off the field around the Mahomes family next season as we saw this season? I would take a strong guess at no. Just a strong guess at no. I might be wrong.

They’ve been thrusted in the spotlight as well at a young age, right? I mean, there is just a lot of stuff, but I think next season, we’ll see a very different group.

And I wonder if they’ll have a family sit down and just be like, ‘It feels like everybody likes me personally. And I know this is very selfish to say because football is a team sport and the family is a family thing. But boy, it does feel like the only bullshit I really deal with is, is because of you two.’”

A lot of media attention and definitely a distraction for him and the team. Difficult conversations need to be had sooner than later

There’s no doubt that Patrick Mahomes had a down year, but he still played great in the second half of the season.

Unfortunately for Chiefs fans he played pretty poorly in the second half of the AFC Championship game.

No doubt his brother and fiancé make his life a little bit more difficult than it needs to be.

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