Pacers Fans Not Expected to Be Banned for Life After What They Actually Did Has Been Revealed

The Indiana Pacers fans who made inappropriate comments to LeBron James during the Los Angeles Lakers’ trip to Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Wednesday will reportedly have the opportunity to continue watching NBA games.

Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium reported the two fans are not expected to receive lifetime bans or face any additional consequences.

“The fans were ejected for violating the NBA Fan Code of Conduct,” NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said.

Now we’re finding out what exactly went down. It wasn’t something they said that got them booted.

” Something was gestured by the woman with 2:44 on the clock. James shouted towards the closest official, Matt Kallio, who was 20 feet away near mid-court and could not hear in the loud of environment.

After Malik Monk was whistled for a discontinued dribble with 2:29 remaining, James got the attention of crew chief Rodney Mott and walked him to the seats. Then pointing at her, James clearly said, “it’s right fucking here! Obscene gesture right to my face!”

That last sentence is important considering the rumors that have spread across social media about what happened. An obscene gesture, not something that was said. Both the man and woman had gestured something, but it’s inconclusive from the overhead broadcast angle.”

It was originally reported the fan’s made a revolting comment about Bronny James.

This was the Lakers’ only trip to Indiana this season, so fans won’t have to worry about seeing James again unless there is an unlikely NBA Finals matchup.

It would have been must watch if Bron returned, guess we’ll have to wait for next season.

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