NBA G League Players Continue To Thrive In Quarantine, Will Now Get Their Own Hotel Rooms And More Per Diem Dollars

What a run for the NBA G League! Normally this time of year, G League players wouuld get their first chance at the limelight as teams tank and/or rest up for the playoffs depending upon their spot in the standings. Instead, they’ve racked up victories off the court as multiple ballyhooed prospects like Jalen Green, Daishen Nix, and Isaiah Todd have opted to play in the NBA developmental system rather than go to college or to play internationally.

While guys like Green will reportedly get in the neighborhood of $500,000 for their one-year excursion to Gatorade-branded development, the league has seemingly not forgotten to improve the middle class. An increase of $15 in per diem may not seem like a lot compared to the pros with private chefs and personal jets or even an “elite prospect” like Green. But for a guy making the league’s minimum salary, that could be a meaningful amount over the course of the season. And, if nothing else, that’s currently more than enough for an extra Chick-fil-A spicy chicken combo with a side of nuggets (sauces included), so either way I’d say they’ve won this negotiation battle.


The hotel room part especially. We all know the basketball players love the ladies — sometimes so much that their childlike enthusiasm results to accidentally posting blowies on Instagram like Jamal Murray. But even with the coolest road roommate possible, it seems like the need to share a hotel room would cause some issues. Should a professional basketball player have to post a tie on the door like a common frat boy? These are the guys who’ll one day be responsible to defend our bankrolls! I’ll be damned if I don’t stand up for them like I one day hope they stand up for me.

So you go get yours, G-Leaguers. I for one hope you still get your days at $3,000 salary on DraftKings during tanking season. Hopefully they’ll all remember this take and not bust when I’ve got 90% of them in my lineups. “That Spags guy really stood up for us and informed me about the values inherent at Chick-Fil-A,” I imagine they’d say.

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