Zac Stacy’s Ex Speaks Out On Social Media Following The Disturbing Video

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was under fire recently after a video showed him brutally abusing ex girlfriend, Kristin Evans.

Since, many current and former athletes, along with an outpouring of fans, have called for Stacy to be held accountable for his horrific actions.

Luckily, Florida police arrested Zac Stacy shortly after the video went viral.


Now, Kristin Evans has bravely chosen to tell her story. And she even held a Q&A on Instagram to speak on some of the things she had to endure during her time with Zac Stacy.

She started off by admitting that the abuse went on for months before she ended things.

Kristin Evans would go on to answer some more uncomfortable questions about Zac Stacy.

Luckily for Kristin Evans, it doesn’t seem like Zac Stacy will be allowed near her ever again.

Hopefully she continues to get the help she needs in the coming day, months, years, etc.

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