P.J. Tucker Stunned Carmelo Anthony With His Extremely Rare Air Jordan 5 PEs

P.J. Tucker has plenty of game, and he also has plenty of shoe game. Ahead of Milwaukee’s win over the Hornets, P.J. Tucker was spotted wearing an extremely rare pair of Carmelo Anthony’s PRFC Air Jordan 5 PE’s. The sneakers were made exclusively for the North American Soccer League squad that Anthony owns.

So when Melo saw that Tucker was sporting these incredibly rare sneakers, he was even in disbelief himself.

Tucker then took to his personal Instagram account to post on his story a bit of the back story of how he was able to scoop them up.


Like I said, Tucker’s shoe game is strong:

One can only assume Tucker has a shoe guy. How else can you explain him finding some of the shoes he has. No chance he’s searching all the crevices on the web.

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