Lamar Jackson Pays Man Who Couldn’t ID Him $100

By now Lamar Jackson has been in the NFL long enough he should be someone who is easily recognizable. Not the case for some. Jackson actually paid one lucky passerby $100 after the man thought Jackson was a wide receiver and then an offensive lineman. In the exchange, which Jackson shared on Instagram, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback playfully offered the man money if he could recognize the 2019 NFL MVP.

“I know you play football,” the man said.  What position?

When the man guessed wide receiver, Jackson responded, “You might not get this $100.”

The man later guessed Jackson might be an offensive lineman. Being a good sport, Jackson gave a $100 bill to the man and hugged him.

Moments later, the man ran back and exclaimed, “Lamar Jackson!”

“Yeah, that’s me,” Jackson said matter-of-factly.

Watch below:


After the video was shared on social media, Jackson said jokingly:

“If he would’ve said RB, I would’ve kept my $100.”

NFL Players wear helmets, which is exactly why they’re not household faces.

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