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By now you’ve likely become accustomed to the wealth of content available at Awesemo.com. You’ve got your projections for a million different sports and eSports ranging from basketball to UFC to iRacing to Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveΒ and all of the tools and data to compete in any tournament or cash game across the industry. You get all of the regular content covering every angle of daily fantasy sports and the emerging markets of sports betting.

But with the world in our ongoing state of uncertainty, our management and editorial teams decided that now is as good of a time as any to expand the coverage. Awesemo.com started as a passion project from a team of top daily fantasy sports players. But in the two+ years of its existence, it’s become more than that. It’s a community. An active group of people who aim to help each other out in pursuit of shared passions. It’s a place for people to debate whether ketchup belongs with eggs and for everyone to learn about the beauty of professional Chinese League of LegendsΒ teams together.

And that is where Awesemo’s Side Action begins. This is the part of Awesemo.com where we continue that conversation. The front page of Awesemo.com will continue to provide guidance and information on all of the sports as they become available. Side Action will go beyond the day’s daily fantasy slates or top sports bets and aim to bring our readers and viewers something more: A site that speaks the language of the roughly 40 million adults out there who indulge in sports betting and all of its equally enjoyable siblings.

Many of your favorite Awesemo.com personalities, as well as some new faces, will bring you content that covers things not too far from those sports betting products such as how to move your friendly poker game online, the meteoric rise and fall of battle royale gameΒ PUBG, and even rankings of things like fast food chains. You’ll find sports news like the latest changes to the NBA’s G-League, historical baseball anecdotes from a time in 1918 where the world eerily mirrorered our own. You’ll see some of the most outrageous viral clips, Josh Engleman’s NBA player comparison deep dives, movie discussions, and the best degenerate sports bets to make even amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. And, in some articles, you’ll even find odds to create your own bit of action out of the things we all are talking about.

So what is Awesemo’s Side Action? It’s a little bit of everything. And we hope you’ll enjoy what’s yet to come.

Follow along at Awesemo.com/sideaction and @AwesemoSA to see what’s next and don’t be afraid to reply or tweet us your thoughts! We hope to see you around.

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