NBA Fans Are Wondering Why Kristaps Porzingis Was Fined For Breaking COVID Protocol But LeBron Was Not

LeBron James was under fire last week when he broke COVID protocol to attend a fundraising event for his tequila company. To the dismay of many, James was not suspended or fined by the NBA for his actions.


While LeBron got off without a real slap on the wrist, Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis was fined $50,000 by the NBA for attending a strip club briefly.

After the Porzingis news hit the web, many fans were calling out the NBA for operating under a double-standard.

The NBA responded to a question when asked why Kristaps was hit with a hefty fine, but LeBron got nothing.

I’m not sure NBA fans (or LeBron haters) will accept that explanation. But the NBA has decided they’re going to operate under a very fine line when it comes to COVID protocols.

Hopefully we can just get back to normal life very soon.

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