Tony Romo Has an Insane Theory on What Tom Brady Will Do Regarding Retirement

Will Tom Brady actually retire?

If he does, Tom will fall into the rare category of athletes who left the game on top. He’s still playing at an elite level. Which is why it’s hard to imagine he’ll quit now.


Since Tom Brady has yet to announce his decision, Tony Romo is doing what he does best, being a prognosticator.

Tony explained his theory, and it’s one that hasn’t been talked about by anyone else.

“I think sneakily, there’s a chance Tom Brady retires and could come back in two years,” Romo said on Friday’s CBS Morning. “This is just crazy, but he’s like a bionic man. He’s not hurt, he’s still playing great.”

According to Romo, Brady is more likely to retire coming off a loss because Tom being Tom always thinks he can win again after winning a Super Bowl.

But even if Brady does retire from the NFL in the coming months, Romo isn’t completely sold on the idea that the iconic quarterback is finished playing.

At Tom Brady’s age any time off will make it impossible to come back.

But if we’ve learned anything about Tom during his career, it’s never doubt what he can do…

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