Michael Jordan, LaMelo Ball ‘Talk and Text All the Time’

You know you’re in good hands when you work for Michael  Jordan. MJ’s  top employee is having a super rookie year,  and by the looks of it, MJ finally can finally take credit for making a great draft pick.  LaMelo will no doubt win Rookie of the Year. On top of that, he  also gets to talk and text with the GOAT.


Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak detailed their relationship:

“He was at our game [Saturday] night, but because of the testing requirements, he couldn’t even get down to the locker room and say hello to anybody,” Kupchak told Chris Sheridan of BasketballNews.com.

“But they did talk, and I know Michael gives him tips, and I would guess that when we emerge from this COVID world, Michael will spend time with him on the court, but I don’t know that [for sure.

“Michael lives in Florida; he’s up here quite a bit. He loves to come to practice and watch. He doesn’t interfere with the coaches. He doesn’t know what the coaches are teaching, so he doesn’t want to get on the court and teach something different. But I know he and LaMelo talk and text all the time.”

LaMelo is also neighbors with MJ,  so he has that going for him too.

Pretty special that LaMelo and Jordan have a great relationship.

LaMelo is going to be really really good, and with MJ in his corner,  dare I say, he’ll be one of the greats.

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