Michael Jordan Ends GOAT Debate 2020

The word GOAT gets tossed around way too much.  The first GOAT had to be Muhammad Ali, and in today’s sports vernacular, it’s always being discussed on the debate shows. Especially when it comes to LeBron James versus Michael Jordan.

The greatest basketball player to ever lace em up explains how it’s unfair to call anyone a GOAT.


He uses Jack Nicklaus versus Tiger Woods as an example, and also points to him versus Bill Russell.

Watch below:

“I won 6 championships. Bill Russel won 11. Does that make Bill Russell better than me? Or make me better than him? NO. BECAUSE WE PLAYED AT DIFFERENT ERAS” – MICHAEL JORDAN

You can really only compare players against the players they competed against and under the conditions of the time.

Thanks to Michael for making sense of this whole goat debate. Jordan’s humble and respect to others clearly makes him the GOAT.

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