Brewers Fan Gets Weirdly Upset When Reds Fan Gets In His Way Of A Foul Ball Chance

With fans back in stadiums all across the country, it really feels like we’re getting just as many stories about what happens in the stands as we are for the actual game itself. On Thursday, it was a Milwaukee Brewers fan took over social media.

The Brewers fan appears to be an older gentleman who brought his mitt to the game in hopes of a foul ball. In the latter innings, he got his chance. A ball was hit right in the mans’ direction, but a Reds fan got in his way.


After the Reds fan took the ball back to his seats, the Brewers fan really let him have it. He didn’t let up for a good while, either.

Luckily for the Brewers fan, a kid came through, and handed him a ball after seeing how upset he was. For the kid, it was sportsmanship at its finest. For everyone else, not so much…

I never really understood the big obsession with getting a ball at a baseball game. For a kid, sure, it’s fun. But you see grown men literally scrapping in the seats for a damn baseball all the time, and it really makes no sense.

At least the Brewers fan can go home happy after his team took care of the Reds 7-2.

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