Mark Cuban Keeps It Real Regarding Bronny James’ Draft Position

Mark Cuban is not buying into the hype over LeBron’s Son.

The Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner says LeBron James telling teams he’d sign with them if they drafted Bronny was ‘super smart’

Mark Cuban isn’t sure if he’d draft Bronny James with the Mavericks, but he thinks LeBron is wise to tell teams he wants to play with his son.

During a recent appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, Dallas Mavericks governor Mark Cuban was asked about that possibility, and while he didn’t exactly commit to drafting Bronny, he did call it a “super smart” move by James to get more teams interested in and considering his son earlier in the draft this way:

What will the financial impact be of drafting Bronny Jr. and getting LeBron for his last season in the NBA be?

Cuban: “I don’t even know.”

You know. You know.

Cuban: “I really don’t!”

You have no one who has run the numbers?

Cuban: “No one who’s run the numbers. Because it’s impossible to predict. That’s, I don’t even know, how many years from now? Three? Four? Whatever it is years from now.”

Nice, so you’re pretending to just not know anything about this.

Cuban: “No! So how old is Bronny?”

He’s a junior in high school.

Cuban: “OK, so it could be three years from now, correct? Well, I mean, it wouldn’t suck. Let’s put it that way. It wouldn’t suck. But I’d rather win.”

It’s a great move by LeBron…

Cuban: “Super smart by LeBron, it really was on his part.”

…because someone is probably going to draft him a little bit higher now because you get LeBron for his farewell season.

Cuban: “Or, maybe two, or three, or four!”

Hmm. Interesting. So future Dallas Maverick.

Cuban: (laughs) “Yeah.”

Cubcan also said in a different interview earlier in the week that he wasn’t sure if he would draft Bronny if it wasn’t on his own merits.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. It depends on the circumstances and how good Bronny is. Would I just burn (a second-round pick) just to burn it? Probably not. And again, we’ll have this guy named Luka (Doncic) who is really, really good. And so it would really depend on the team that we have around him.”

You have to love Cuban keeping it real. Bronny is a nice player, but he’s not draft worthy at this point.

That explains why LeBron is trying to hype him up so early in the process.

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