Bryce Harper Hints At Joining Japan League Amid MLB Lockout

Like many baseball fans, Phillies superstar Bryce Harper is fed up with the MLB.

With today being the deadline for the league and MLBPA to strike a deal in order to save Opening Day baseball, it’s looking more and more likely that we’re going to have to miss significant time of the regular season.

During the lockout negotiations today, Bryce Harper took to social media to lobby for one professional baseball team to sign him: the Yomiuri Giants of the Japan League.

While it’s entirely possible that Bryce Harper was joking, MLB insider was quick to point out that the league offered Japan and other leagues as an alternative option for players in a memo sent out before the current lockout.

All reports indicate that a deal will not be in place by today’s midnight deadline — meaning perhaps Bryce Harper and others will look for alternative options to play baseball this summer.

At the end of the day, the MLB’s incompetence is showing throughout the sports world in recent weeks, as the game many love is getting more and more tarnished by the day.

We’ll see if Bryce Harper legitimately acts on his threat to take his talents overseas.

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