One Surprising QB Has Been an Especially Popular MVP Bet the Last Few Weeks

Of course a QB is getting bets to win MVP.

As we inch along during the preseason, bettors are once again flocking to Quarterbacks to place their wagers on. This makes total sense, considering a non QB hasn’t won an MVP since 2012. That year Adrian Peterson won the award. But ever since it’s been  QB after QB,  with  Aaron Rodgers winning the last two MVP awards.

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You can see the winners list below:

2009 Peyton Manning (4) Peyton Manning (3)
2010 Tom Brady (2) Tom Brady (2)
2011 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers
2012 Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson
2013 Peyton Manning (5) Peyton Manning (4)
2014 Aaron Rodgers (2) Aaron Rodgers (2)
2015 Cam Newton Cam Newton
2016 Matt Ryan Matt Ryan
2017 Tom Brady (3) Tom Brady (3)
2018 Patrick Mahomes Patrick Mahomes
2019 Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson
2020 Aaron Rodgers (3) Aaron Rodgers (3)
2021 Aaron Rodgers (4) Aaron Rodgers (4)

Peyton Manning was named AP NFL MVP five times, more than any other player in history. So you get it, it’s most likely going to be an NFL QB.

Bettors are showing they do their homework by betting on Quarterbacks, but some are reaching for a Darkhorse to win the MVP. According to Caesars Sportsbook reporter Max Meyer, over the last few weeks bettors are placing money on Tua Tagovailoa to win the MVP award.

Via Ceasars: 

“All eyes will be on Tua Tagovailoa as the Miami signal-caller enters his third season. Tagovailoa’s NFL MVP odds were first displayed at 175/1, yet he’s since swung to his current standing of 75/1. The lefty quarterback ranks 12th in tickets for MVP at 2.4%, and 13th in handle at 2.8%. He’s received two $1,000 bets to collect the hardware at 75/1 odds, one from a Nevada bettor and the other from an Indiana bettor.

Over the past two weeks, Tagovailoa has been an especially popular MVP bet. The only players who have received more money in this market over that span are Trey Lance, Derek Carr, Josh Allen and Justin Herbert.”

Tua definitely isn’t the purest of passers, and that usually helps a QB win the award, but what Tua does have is Tyrek Hill, who strangely enough isn’t garnering much interest from bettors.

“Hill is tied for the fourth-lowest odds at 14/1 with CeeDee Lamb to lead the NFL in receiving yards, whereas Jaylen Waddle is tied for the 23rd lowest odds at 50/1 with Hunter Renfrow, Tyler Lockett, DeAndre Hopkins, Jerry Jeudy and Terry McLaurin. Hill is 26th in tickets (1.2%) and 27th in handle (0.7%) to be the receiving yardage leader, while Waddle is tied for 31st in tickets (0.6%) and is 34th in handle (0.4%). Twenty different pass-catchers have drawn more handle in this market than Hill and Waddle combined.”

If someone really believes enough in Tua to win the award, you have to assume Tyreek Hill is going to have an enormous season as well.

We’ll have to wait and see how the chemistry between Tua and Tyreek goes…

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