Uncanny Lebron Doppelganger Spotted in Stands Sparks Wild Theories

Two LeBrons are better than one? LeBron James’ doppelganger has been found.

Eagle-eyed NBA fans had to check twice to make sure they weren’t seeing things when they spotted an optical illusion at one of LeBron James’ games. A man (or a ghost) bearing an extremely close resemblance to LeBron James was spotted over his shoulder on the TV broadcast.

The man sitting in a courtside seat enjoying the action was a dead ringer for the Los Angeles Lakers star.

The man in the background had a thick beard just like James, and even sported a fedora, which is one LeBron’s fashion go-to looks.

See below:

Fans couldn’t believe LeBron James’ doppelganger was attending one of his games, and they had an absolutely field on Social Media.

See below:

The Lakers beat the Rockers in front of LeBron James’ doppelganger to take the Lakers’ record to 4-3 to start the NBA season.

This LeBron lookalike needs to attend all the games.

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