Kevin Costner Gave a Touching Tribute to Ray Liotta During Field of Dreams Game

Ray Liotta must be smiling up in heaven.

Actor Kevin Costner, and the recently passed Ray Liotta, were the stars of the sports movie classic Field of Dreams, with their scenes being at the very heart of the film. Ray Liotta played the legendary Chicago White Sox player Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie, and even though he wasn’t on screen for that much of the movie, the moments he was were extremely impactful, and most definitely memorable.

Reports surfaced earlier in the day that Ray Liotta would be honored at some point during the game. 

And of course he was.

On Thursday night during MLB’s Field of Dreams game, legendary actor Kevin Costner led a tribute video to Liotta, who died in May at 67.

“That’s the beauty of baseball and a movie like ‘Field of Dreams.’ He gets to live forever in our hearts.” Earlier his year, Ray Liotta sadly passed away at the age of 67. Kevin Costner looks back at his time on set with Liotta and honors the life of his former colleague.”

Watch below:

Amazing to see how that batting practice scene turned out,  you couldn’t have scripted that any better.   If there is one baseball movie that’s going to make you really choke up over the sport of baseball, it’s this one.

Still to this day the movie can give you goosebumps, it has most certainly held up over time.

RIP Ray Liotta, you’ll always be a legend.

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