An Old Mac Jones Tweet About Snow Goes Viral Prior To The Monday Night Football Game In Buffalo

It looks like Mac Jones is going to be dealing with some unfamiliar conditions on Monday Night.

As the Patriots prepare for a marquee matchup in Buffalo for MNF, the weather report has been dominating the headlines all day long.

Sure enough, scenes of gusting snow were going viral just before Mac Jones and the Patriots were set to take the field.


After the scene in Buffalo went viral, an old tweet Mac Jones posted in 2015 about never seeing snow resurfaced.

After growing up in Florida, Mac Jones made his way to Alabama – where he spent his entire college football career.

While Jones will undoubtedly see plenty of snow during his time in Foxborough, Buffalo might be a rude awakening for him on Monday night.

However, the Patriots style of play probably gives them an edge in clement weather. So like it or not, Mac Jones is going to have to learn to grit out some non-ideal conditions.

Monday Night Football should be fun.

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