NFL Insider Believes Patriots Using Bailey Zappe To ‘Teach Mac Jones A Lesson’

Apparently things aren’t all that rosy between Mac Jones and Bill Belichick.

With reports recently surfacing about a quiet friction between Mac and Bill, another NFL insider is talking about the growing divide between the star QB and the Patriots coaching staff. According to NFL insider Albert Breer, Mac Jones isn’t listening to instructions, and that has caused a rift. While appearing on the Dan Patrick show, senior NFL reporter Albert Breer provided details regarding the growing tension between the Patriots’ front office and their QB1 Mac Jones.

When questioned whether things had “gone sideways” between Mac Jones and the the Patriots organization, Breer confirmed the report, pointing to multiple issues that appear to be dividing the two parties.

“I think Mac’s getting his job back. I think that there’s a little bit of a lesson being taught here where it’s, ‘Look, we’re putting a fourth-round rookie from Western Kentucky out there. Look what happens when he does what we tell him to.”

Bill Belichick had an opportunity to squash any QB controversy, but opted to play it close to the vest.

Jones is still recovering from the high ankle sprain but he should be ready to go in the next few weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how the Patriots handle Mac’s return with the offense currently clicking under Zappe.

Does Bill Belichick go with Mac Jones,  or does he continue to roll with the fourth-round rookie?

That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

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