Report: Mac Jones Still Believes He’s Playing Against the Packers This Weekend

Mac Jones must think he’s superhuman.

Everyone already has written off Mac Jones playing this week, everyone but him apparently. It was a forgone conclusion that the Patriots would be traveling to Lambeau Field to face Aaron Rodgers and company with Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback. Mac Jones is still recovering from an ankle injury he suffered in the Week 3 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

He reportedly has a “severe” high ankle sprain, which is not something you just get back on, as it usually could take up to six weeks to heal. Coach Bill Belichick said Jones had made “a lot of progress” in Wednesday’s media conference, calling it day to day, and it would appear as if the second-year quarterback is actually telling teammates not to count him out from playing in Week 4 via NFL Network’s Mike Giradi.

Per sources, Mac Jones is in the facility and participating in game planning. The #Patriots QB has to told multiple teammates to not count him out of this weekend’s game at Green Bay, and is still operating as if he has a chance. Practice is scheduled for around 12:35 today.

It’s really hard to imagine  anyone coming back from the sort of injury he suffered the very next week. If you’ve ever had a bad ankle sprain, at the very least you’re going to be sidelined for a few weeks if not longer.

Even if he doesn’t play on Sunday, might he be ready to roll in  few weeks?

With Belichick you really never know what his motives are, clearly he’s not the kind of coach to reveal too much if he believes it can help him win.

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