Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch Expose Russell Wilson Following Poor Play

It’s been a tough season for Russell Wilson’s image.

To say his reputation has taken a hit is an understatement. Now we’re learning about some things that may just expose the kind of guy he is. Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Marshawn Lynch won Super Bowl XLVIII together while playing with the Seattle Seahawks. They lost Super Bowl XLIX one year later. Sherman now works for Amazon’s Thursday Night Football crew, and Marshawn Lynch is also contributing to TNF. Wilson is in his first season with the Broncos and he’s off to a pretty lousy start.

On a recent episode of The Richard Sherman Podcast, the three-time All-Pro defensive back spoke with Lynch about Wilson’s current play in Denver.

Lynch and Sherman would reveal a concerning issue about Wilson and his relationship with his teammates:

Sherman: “He on the struggle bus.”

Lynch: “Man, I wanna reach out do dawg.”

Sherman: “Yeah, we talk to him — his manager. His manager.”

Lynch: “If I can’t call you direct, I ain’t calling you, especially if I went to war with you.”

Watch below:

Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch’s bombshell about not being able to reach out to Wilson speaks volumes. I mean clearly they think he’s a Diva.

It doesn’t sound like they are too  fond of him off the field, and could be pretty telling on how the Seahawks fell apart at the end of their run.

The Denver Broncos gave up multiple first and second-round draft picks, plus a trio of key players, to acquire Wilson. He has not lived up to expectations, and he’s really under the microscope these days.

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